Our SEO services started in 2004. We delivered front page results for 10s of clients. It made meaningful sense. Companies got a reasonable result within a specified time frame.

Today, the world-wide-web is more organized, and there are millions of websites competing within each space.

While there is tremendous benefit in being found on a search engine, there is little work involved in offering SEO as a monthly service. There is no optimization required on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. There is perhaps a cause for doing SEO as a one-time initial task, to ensure that the keywords and tags are in place.

The only meaningful work required to be done on a regular basis which truly helps with being found on Search Engines is creation and publishing of top quality blogs which are well researched and optimzed with the right keywords to reach the precise target audience. See More on our Content Strategy here.

And yet, millions of SEO Agencies charge $1000s in monthly fees for doing little to no work. And so, we believe that globally, SEO is dead! To rephrase it better, the SEO industry is fraud!

For any business thinking of SEO, let us breakdown the BS of SEO industry:-

1. SEO is a highly unregulated industry, no accountability, no standards, no timeline to expected results.

2. No SEO operator clearly knows how a search engine algorithm searches, when it searches, or how it indexes pages. So they cannot really guarantee anything.

3. All of SEO jargon such as Keywords, Inbound Links are a natural occurrence. If a website was coded clean, and it provides good content, or top quality product or service, even if the business is new, it will get talked about or reviewed by the initial clients. The inbound links will get generated automatically when people reference to products in their reviews. There is absolutely NO space for an SEO operator to fabricate any of this.

4. If your simply provide meaningful message about your service on your website blog, it will have the necessary keywords for the search engine to crawl and index.

5. For SEO Agencies, SEO is lazy work. It involves about 10 minutes per month after the initial work is done.

6. Agencies around the world refuse to call this BS because it is easy money, every month.

7. Many SEO Agencies include listing of a business on the Directory of a Search Engine the ambit of SEO services. Listing in the Directory of a Search Engine is a 1-time activity and is not SEO.

In short, all parts of SEO activities are under the direct control of a Business owner. Agencies who act as gateways to some magic happening on a Search Engine are Frauds. Businesses who are considering SEO should focus simply on providing a good quality product or service and keep your website updated. The Search Results will happen automatically over time.

While there is clear merit to being found on a search, the sheer volume of unorganized BS that happens in the name of SEO is a global fraud. We believe in our talent, and do not believe we need to send a $1k or $10k invoice to clients each month while no real work was done.

We refuse to touch SEO projects.